Amberlee Hampton

My Life and I

My Life And I

By Amberlee Hampton

All I know has gone to waste.

Everyone strolling at a different pace.

Days unused and thrown to the eruption.

Wasted moments when there was the greatest passion.

I fall from the ground and lose the map.

I am on a hill running upward as the sap.

No where to turn for the closure.

I look in the mirror and do not know her.

I sink in no water.

I stumble when there's nothing to totter.

Laughing at the sorrow.

Thinking on yesterday and never tomorrow.

I look bleakly to the future with a frown.

I fall out of this circle round.

When do we all come together?

I never felt this way when I was born in September.

The promises are always broken.

For my trials, I must pay a token.

I cry for the joy of others.

Dreams crushed and my heart is smothered.

Never turning around and saying, "Sorry."

Of all the world, I have no flawless anatomy.

When I am trapped, I feel well.

When I am in open space, I feel locked in a cell.

Opposite from you and the ordinary things of life.

Bring it on; I am use to the strife.

Fill me up with pain and grief.

I'll rip your heart out too with my bare teeth.

I will never find the one for me.

I will throw his heart into the sea.

He will say, "Let's ring the bells."

I will drag him down, and it will be him that fell.

My alliance will fall through the wall.

She will say, "Your armor was too tall."

No one seems to understand.

I must block myself off from this confusing band.

And that's the life for you and I.

It's time I take a bow and fly into the sky.

It's time I leave this earth and possibly die.




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