Ariel Green


It was dark, almost to dark for it to be a normal darkness,
she didn’t know what to do, she was trapped, the darkness was swallowing her
and she couldn’t escape.
She looked down and saw the blood running from her wrists,
she dropped the blade she was holding in her left hand. Now she was beginning
to fall, fall in the darkness, to never come back, she could feel it, all she
had to do was close her eyes and she would never have to open them again.
She was waiting now for it to come, she had spent so much
time trying to escape from it that she didn’t want to try again, she was done
and finally she could rest, rest forever, she couldn’t remember the sun or the
laughter that used to sound all around her, and she didn’t want to remember any
more, now she knew what she had to do and she was okey with that.
She would never see the people she loved again but that was
the praise she was willing to pay, for she knew she brought only sadness and
anger to their lives, and the darkness that followed here where ever she went,
even if she was out side and the sun was blazing over her head she saw only the
darkness, and she knew she was beginning to share this darkness with the few
people she truly loved and she could not live with that, and soon she wouldn’t
have to.
A silent tear ran down her cheek, because she knew that even
if what she was doing was the right chose, her loved ones would probably not
see it, and they would most likely get angry at her, for some time at least,
but when they would start to see the light again they would understand that
what she did, was truly the only thing she could do to get out of this mess and
save her and them.

So I say now, goodbye and love for always, I will always be
with you even if you can’t see me or hear me, whether you like it or not,
because no matter how hard I try I could never truly leave you….

Her last thought where her goodbyes to them and she hoped
with all her might that after some time they would understand why she had to do
this, and that they would not blame them self’s for what she did, because they
where the best family and friends she could ever have hoped for, she was just
not meant for this world, it was her time to go now, no matter what people did
or said, she was done. She slipped slowly into the darkness, finally getting
the rest she so much craved, to never wake up again.  


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