Nadège Ango-Obiang

The prohibited footbridge

Sounds of horns, noises of tom-toms, echoes of the dances of the villager training the Nkodjein clan, in Bitam. Clamours rose suddenly. An young girl, in the shade, watched for and waited until the old women release the made beaten ground kitchens. When that was done, Essono was engulfed in two of enter they and fills up an enormous basket of what it been able to find. However, in the darkness, its been engaged, Ella, épiait it. A torrential rain swept the village suddenly, which made redouble the cries of joy of the inhabitants and especially of the dancers. As discreetly as it could, Essono was inserted in the forest, crossed many bridges far from reliable. Going up a slope muddy and slipping, it found nose with nose with an immense quite dark boa.

- Me bolo, Essono, known as the Boa.

The young girl was satisfied to shake the head and to kneel near the creature. She deposited gently and respectfully the contents of her basket. The boa looked at and says:

- Already three years that you honour me, and still not of human sacrifice.
He sighed:
- it was a being porch of you or three years of care. You held your promise. Blood would have blessed you and enriched for the life, Essono.

The reptile swallowed all the contents of the basket. Then he says:

- Did nobody follow you?
- Nobody knows this place, promised the young woman.
- Then, I seal it on your behalf. Tomorrow, well before the night is not erased, before the paddle does not settle, return. I would be through the way, I would have the color of the ground. Even if you do not see me, crosses me. Thus, you will have crossed the footbridge towards happiness… and a certain richness.

The boa added in a sigh:

- I would have preferred flesh to finish this dish. Your richness would be more than considerable. Goes and return.

Been engaged saw the young girl turning back under the storm with her enormous empty basket. It waited and saw the boa swelling then, gradually, to enter under ground. When this last seemed to have disappeared, been engaged came and spanned the print of the animal. But the footbridge had been sealed in the name of Essono. The animal rectified itself and swallowed been engaged very langoureusement, finding finally its feast more than tasty. In its sleep, Essono is lived adulated and crowned glory. The smile with the lips, it went before the paddle to span the print of the animal and to cross thus its footbridge towards a happiness more than considerable.


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