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Lily, the Dreamer (Prologue)

I've always been the practical child of the family.  Fairy tales and fantasy never interested me.  While other children pretend to be knights in shining armor and princesses, I was too busy reading a nonfiction novel on String Theory.  

I thought that my children would turn out the way I did, practical and logical. 

The eldest is William, practical and logical.  He never wanted toys, just chemistry sets and other scientific equipment.  He skipped two grades and graduated from high school at fifteen.  He finished college at the age of twenty-one, due to studying abroad.

The middle child is Felicity, practical and logical, but also into fashion.  She always wanted patterns so she could make her own clothes.  And did she ever!  That girl has a knack for fashion.  She started her own boutique at fourteen!  She still went to school and graduated from college with a duel major in business and finance, as well as a duel minor in English and the creative arts.

Then there is Lily.  She was born after Felicity's college graduation.  As a baby and a toddler, she was a very sickly child.  It seemed that she contracted every sickness that was out and about.  She was always in and out of the hospital, thus I worried that I would lose her.  But she had the spirit of a lion in her and survived every illness bestowed on her.

However, unlike her siblings, she is everything, but practical and logical.  Before she was five, she painted pictures of faeries and fire-breathing dragons and told stories about knights in shining armor saving damsels in distress.  When she learned to write, it opened a new realm of imagination for her.  She wrote down her stories from memory but when she read them, they were better than the first time she told them.

If she wasn't writing stories, sculpting, painting, or reading a fiction novel, she was daydreaming.  Sometimes, I wonder what was she thinking, what other creative innovations is she thinking about.

Because of these things, teachers, family friends, peers, my family and I agreed on the perfect nickname for Lily: Dreamer.


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