Karl Wiener

First tender love

dedicated to Marco in Turkish prison an to the parents of Charlotte

       Recently I met her again at a reunion of our former school. We spoke to each other like good friends. Each of us has four children, all of them are boys. They all could just as easily be our common children, for she enthused already as a young girl about a big family. I looked into the mirror, and I saw, not only she had aged over the years. We both sail in calm sea.
       I recall that moment I first saw her. Her golden yellow hair reminded of a field of ripened wheat. Her deep blue eyes reflected her soul like a mountain lake reflects the clouds in the sky. We were young, very young. As far as I’m concerned it was a case of love at first sight. Each day I saw her at school during the breaks between the lessons, walking around in the schoolyard, joking with her classmates. I felt, there was no way to approach her, for I was shy and feared the mocking eyes of the other girls. But finally there came a good chance. On winter we boys of our class spent our holidays at a resort in the mountains, skiing and sunbathing. The girls had been there the week before, and, as luck could have it, my idol had forgotten part of her skiing gear. So she returned to collect it. Our stay would soon come to an end and she was allowed to remain for a few days, so as to return home with us. Naturally she slept in her own room, carefully observed by the teachers. But care wasn’t needed, for we all were young and inexperienced. She was a welcome diversion in daily routine. All the boys tried to impress her and showed themselves at their best. I suppose, the latter was the teacher’s intention. Being a shy one, I was standing aside. Perhaps, this was my advantage. She must have noticed me and my amorous eyes. After we had returned to school, she responded to my glances, and one day I plucked up all my courage and spoke to her. I invited her to attend a dancing course in partnership with me, and to my surprise, she agreed.
       I was lucky, and during the following months, we attended the twice weekly dancing lessons. She allowed me to accompany her on her way home. It was a long way, for she lived in the outskirts of our town. On the way I tried to impress her with my knowledge of the stars and of the world in general. But one evening I dared to kiss her. That means I puckered my lips and gently touched them to her lips. Nowadays I believe, she couldn’t have been very impressed. During the following evenings she taught me how to kiss and we both got pleasure from it. In well informed circles of our school we gradually became known as lovers, although, from today’s perspective, some things, which mean love, were missed. She seemed to feel so and her wonderful blue eyes lost their sparkle.
       Although I was shy, the other girls were keen on me, for I was a good dancer. Nowadays I doubt, it was perhaps my being shy and their hope to teach me some things, that caused their interest in me. One day, the dancing course was finished, one of the girls held her party. She  only invited me, not with my girlfriend as a couple. So I turned the offer down, since I didn’t want to endanger my tender love. But that seemed to be a mistake. My dearly beloved girl saw it as an affront and she used it as an opportunity to say goodbye. I was shocked and didn’t understand. I felt like a rider who isn’t an expert of horsemanship, thrown on a rodeo. My world was broken and the sun in the sky darkened. I was standing in front of her with my bleeding heart in my hands, but she was looking for a knight in shining armour. I’m convinced: If Adam wouldn’t have bitten into the apple, Eve would have found another guy, even in the desert paradise. 


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