Sonja Nic Rafferty

Dream Catcher

Pale winter fog still blocks my view
Finally a disaster year has left us overnight
From the little moorland village loudly I hear
The sound of New Year’s Eve parties with fireworks
In the meantime uninvolved I spin a dream net
Of better times for us in this bleak world

Dream catchers at my murky soul window
Wait in all life’s times with strong power
For the missed harmony of the angry nature
Oh dear me could she friendly come back
In case we do not arrogantly ignore her perhaps
Look many yet weave the net of good ideas

From the Indians the faith is handed down through
The centuries nights bring good and bad dreams
If we hang up dream catchers in the bedroom
All of our good dreams find their way
But bad ones get caught in the net
And we are one of these threads in this net of life

My dream catcher is fantastic and round
In circles you find no first or last
All have the same right of a good life
Also of hope in the crack of the dawn
When finally dark nightmares have subsided
In a magic silver light of the full moon

Brother I heard you sing Celtic songs
Never ending ballads of missed possibilities
And had visions of a childhood together
That destiny who knows why denied us
Come into my dream of the second chance
Be a thread in the circle of strength unity and peace

© ~ Sonja Nic Rafferty


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Veröffentlicht auf am 02.01.2005.


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