Sonja Nic Rafferty


In all the past years
I thought of you so many times
For a meeting we didn´t have
the modicum of luck in life
In defiance of inaccessible far distance
my heart was very attached to you
In many ways you tried to take me home
father of my childhood dreams

I sat in a far-reaching swing, too
But my life´s companions didn´t push me to you!

This heart never couldn´t understand
that our destiny had built a labyrinth
with no way out
My yearning became an agony
Completely different the stars would sparkle
if I had not only to care from a distance about you

In many ways I tried to find you
father of my youthful hopes

I was a pilot of an airworthy glider, too
But life´s flying weather didn´t let me through to you!

My heart will always wander
through our land of past
When I view the lovely little spot in Alba
where you were buried, I´ll become sentimental
My heart has always been attached to you
In spite of separation you had not remained indifferent to me
In many ways we missed our chance - actors in tragic roles

I signed up on an ocean going ship, too
But our life´s coastguard service got lost on the way to you

© Sonja Nic Rafferty


Alle Rechte an diesem Beitrag liegen beim Autoren. Der Beitrag wurde auf vom Autor eingeschickt Sonja Nic Rafferty.
Veröffentlicht auf am 21.10.2004.


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