Rolph David

The Infinite Quest!

To seek the meaning of this life we lead,
A question vast that fills our hearts with dread,
In art, in thought, in acts, we plant the seed,
In hope that we outlive our mortal thread.

Do genes alone define our destined path?
To pass along our traits through time and space,
Or is there more that stirs the cosmic math,
A deeper cause within the human race?

The Mona Lisa’s gaze through ages peers,
A testament to da Vinci’s master hand,
While Shakespeare’s verse defies the toll of years,
Each line a bridge to that enchanted land.

The pyramids, the Eiffel Tower rise,
Monuments to minds that dared to dream,
In rock and steel, in sand and sunlit skies,
A legacy that time cannot demean.

Mozart’s notes still dance upon the air,
A symphony of thoughts both bright and bold,
His music breathes, as if he’s always there,
A melody that never will grow old.

And so we strive to leave our mark behind,
In works of wonder, words, and dreams of flight,
In seeking truth, we search, we hope to find,
A hint of purpose in the silent night.

Perhaps the quest itself is what we crave,
To strive, create, to ponder, and explore,
In each endeavor, bold and sometimes grave,
We find the life we’re always searching for.

For in our hearts, the meaning lies within,
Not just in deeds that time might hold in store,
But in the love, the joy, and even sin,
The life we live, and always something more.

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