Antonio Justel Rodriguez


...this hatching between my open arms,
this exuberance or fearless and energetic gush of life and form,
this enormous song that comes from the earth and transcends being, the sea and the air,
this living temple rising and building, like a quantum and galactic flare,
all this, why, why Christ brought it to us, for what lute, for what splendor...
...because one dwells, goes out and looks towards the wastelands of the world,
and, suddenly, the fire, the triumph, the radiance,
and that, that sweetest age of the heart accompanying and receiving it,
mine and yours, the one that in pure ecstasy everything believes and hopes, and, that,
although it is girded by the old terrors with their gloomy brilliance, their densities and stones,
iron shackles with which freedom cries and suffers - against spirit and virtue;
... ergo, then, I break out and cry out at this moment also through the meadow,
- at dawn -
under the pink and purple sky;
where it might even seem that, under so much beauty, mortal wounds and blows did not exist,
because, as you pass, the immortal and pure notes of the dew so enchant;
... after a deep shudder, stopped walking and in absorbed trembling,
I lower my eyes, and I press the soul trousseau against my chest like a man's ascetic and mythical cult;
It is an instant of intimate, mysterious and divine fire in search of its physiology or pure science of life,
that of his wise voice,
his grill,
the peace and law of him:
the sublime rite of contemplation.
Antonio Justel (Orion of Panthoseas

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