Rolph David

Believe It Or Not - A nighttime photo ban of the Eiffel Tower

In Paris, beneath the moonlit Eiffel's height,
A ban on photos whispers through the night.
Believe it or not, in shadows' soft array,
Copyright's law dictates what lens may portray.

Pierre Bideau, an artist of the night,
Crafts a spectacle, a luminous delight.
Since '85, his canvas, the city's air,
A radiant masterpiece, beyond compare.

For private gaze, the shutter may unfold,
Capture the brilliance, a tale to be told.
Yet, heed the laws that in the darkness creep,
Permission sought, the secrets they shall keep.

The Societé d'Exploitation guards the tower,
A gatekeeper to Bideau's radiant power.
Publish your images, but not in haste,
Obtain their nod, the key to time and space.

Fees dance like shadows, shaping destiny,
A cost to share the Eiffel's mystery.
The ways you use it paint a varied hue,
In SETE's hands, the shades come into view.

Seventy years, a veil upon the art,
Since Bideau's birth, the photos play their part.
In 2021, the artist took his bow,
The clock ticks on; time moves, and art must grow.

Yet patience, traveller, for the years to pass,
Before the images are free, alas.
In 2091, the curtain rises high,
On pictures framed by night, beneath the sky.

Copyright, a spectre, lingers near,
Infringements costly, a warning clear.
Hold onto travel funds, let caution guide,
Or lose the coin to legal rivers wide.

So, wanderer, beneath the Parisian moon,
Capture the beauty, but not too soon.
In shadows deep, where legal waters flow,
A dance with time, let the shutter go slow.

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Veröffentlicht auf am 16.11.2023.


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