Thomas-Otto Heiden

The dandelion

The dandelion



A dandelion so small and fine,
he was standing by the wayside all alone.
No one else was like him,
was to be seen far and wide.
He stretched and stretched,
looked quickly to the left,
and then to the right,
even looked behind him once.
But no one he saw greeted him,
because it is so small and puny.


In a flower bed not far from him,
they stood there in rank and file,
the violets, tulips and daffodils,
even a rose bush how beautiful,
was to be seen there.
They laughed at this dandelion.

The rose has already spoken,
look at the dandelion,
it is not puny and inconspicuous,
and not as beautiful and wonderful as we are.
Then the dandelion closed its yellow flower,
the other flowers laughed even more.
They stretched and stretched,
that everyone could see them clearly,
as they were so beautiful to look at.


The next day, in the afternoon,
people came into the garden,
and looked at each other,
the beautiful flowers for a long time.


Just not this little dandelion,
that stood there by the wayside.
Then he made his blossom,
again in a flash.
He also wants to be seen.
Only he wasn't like that anymore,
as it was just two days ago.
Now he was round and fluffy and wonderful.
How surprised the dandelion was,
and the other flowers were also amazed,
because they had never seen anything like it before.


Then came a little child's hand,
who quickly plucked this dandelion.
And blew with all his might,
the fluffy umbrellas.


They were already flying high into the air,
how the child laughed.
And the dandelion had its fun too.
But the other flowers,
stood still and were amazed,
Because they could never not,
go on such a wonderful journey,
just like the dandelion,
the beautiful wide world,
from way up high,
to view.




Thomas-Otto Heiden 

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