Antonio Justel Rodriguez

The flight of light


… And the morning, clear, enormous, bright;
My heart looks at her, and he knows, for a moment, that he will overcome the tremor and the unusual past,
and that it will also overcome darkness, and that also, also death;
[Born, born and going forward and up, and filling, and rising;
so, and today,
such is and the light goes]
And, sometimes, in this way the joy, intimate immortality grows and fulge
Even the ethics of evil while roots, shouts and pounding, observing its end, transfigured,
in clear essences of love and silence;
… Ah, ah if we could buy this prodigy with market basket;
Ah, if we could radiate his power by chairs and thrones, for pulpites, stages, parliaments,
And oh, if we could just remember and with him, and from him, live!
... too busy, too mortal and too close in the voice yet,
Too much too much;
... and with that immense brio - excellent, healer and universal, and which of another world -
Everything fulge, fulfills and disappears to renew their strength, and quickly, and with a new face,
... therefore, and being like that - tell me - the flight of light, who, who stops it.
Antonio Justel Rodríguez

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