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And yet one crucial step is still missing: RALF asks MANUELA one day to be able to call her SARAH from now on. And he wants her is as identical as possible in every respect with his great love. After initial hesitation, MANUELA agrees. RALF is overjoyed. But MANUELA faces the total rape of her personality have grown over time? With a new hairstyle, she moves to RALF's apartment. He still has here all of SARAH's things are kept. Their clothes fit MANUELA impeccable. She also gets to know SARAH's make-up and her perfumes... Only the almost perfect illusion of living with SARAH again is ignited RALF brings back the exuberant happiness of days gone by. MANUELA Initially plays the SARAH part in an exemplary manner: can capture RALF's joy of life won't it be easy for you too?! MANUELA, secretary and computer fan, also takes care of the domestic tasks Office work like her predecessor. RALF writes and MANUELA enters his texts into the computer. "Your cooperation helps me a lot, darling. I guess it makes it doubly so to move forward as quickly as usual. "And I get my share of the fee; plus we have more time for each other. That's what I like about it."


RALF's fee stabilization is also easier and pleasant for both of them. tion. MANUELA only needs to go to work part-time. A win for housework and paperwork as well as for the body and soul of the couple... In the Romantic Bay four young people frolic in the water: RALF, MANUELA, GERD and his girlfriend ELLEN. They inject themselves exuberantly each other wet. Then the couples dive a bit, hugging and kissing yourself under water. Then water polo games. ELLEN: "I'm done. When I think about us tonight go dancing..." RALF: "...want." GERD: "But, but, at your age..." MANUELA: "Well, I'm starting to get tired too. It's the dance with ours For men it's a blow in the water! Isn't that right, darling?" Speaks and hits directly in front of RALF - whose head is just peeking out of the water - splashing on the surface of the water. RALF (a little taken aback, but laughing): "Well, wait. I'll help you, your lord and master like this... (Introduces himself MANUELA) and now: Three, four!" Together the two take a deep breath, dive under and soon they kiss again... There are many more carefree days to come. But MANUELA won't allow it note that she is struggling with a major problem. She would have but only talked about it once. But as... One day RALF can't believe his eyes. A farewell letter from MA NUELA is on the table: "In the beginning this role reversal had me almost fascinated - then it just became more and more unbearable for me to be a double. You can't let go of your SARAH and me I'm madly in love with you. So for me there is only one way to the Romantic Bay, where we made love so often. I will be yours forever..." RALF snatches MANUELA's lines and rushes across the street to his Vehicle. The paper slips from his grasp. GERD, who wanted to visit the two, saw it fall to the ground. RALF drives dangerously fast to the small bay mentioned, while GERD also flies over the farewell lines...



RALF sees MANUELA's clothes lying on the bank and suspects something bad. Hastily He also takes off his clothes and dives down. Soon he will see MANUELA's body floats in the water and realizes that she can no longer do it is to help. Cheek to cheek he presses her body to him, hugs her and Both float in the water like inseparable lovers. GERD jumps out of the car. Sees the two's things, takes off quickly and also jumps into the water. He notices that only RALF can still be saved. He finally manages to get him out To loosen your grip and drag you to the bank. RALF, wheezing and completely out of breath, admits: "I want to be without her no longer live, and will go back into the water with her. No one will stop me. Not you either, GERD!" He's already jumping up. "We'll see about that," GERD yells at him. With a crash well-known beat RALF back in the “land of dreams”. Then dive GERD goes down again and brings his sister to the bank. The suicide of SARAH II and MANUELA plunges RALF into another crisis serious crisis. So that he is under control and not completely swampy, he will live with GERD and ELLEN for the next while. They take touching care of him. Distract him as best you can. Also when she herself suffered greatly from MANUELA's sudden, early death Suffer. RALF regains his courage to face life.


B I A N C A ...

RALF walks through his hometown. He can't believe his eyes: A Car drives past him and he is sure that SARAH or MANUELA is the driver! He runs after the vehicle until he is exhausted...

(To be continued)




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