Saskia Charlotte Junker

Digitalisation. They destroyed my life!


This unfortunately not a story not a poetry but a news that I just received and deserves to be published.

I received i formation that governme ts decided to digitalize in the upcoming years EVERYTHING and that everythi g is decided based on the digitakization implant that had been given.

bank accounts. Check in. Travel. Payments. Identification. Entry into shops and buildings and places.

All of us who were deceived and given the wrong implant when those were introduced will probably end up homeless because it is already now visible that people judge only based on those digital informations and communications.

In my personal case.
People not only passed me for someone I am not. (They passed me for a prostitute , a dead person that was part of the hitler elite commanders and for a terrorist constantly swapping between the devices havi g kept thr communicati g decice and whenever I talk to someone they make others believe I would have offered them drugs or prostitution services.

Many people are stupid and dont even verify because they blindly believe the device.

I had a natural communicating krgan but people destroyed it at my age of 13 with a flanagan technology on purose .

Julien assange and edward snowden were right.

I perceive ALL communication but have not even a possibikity to answer because they stole my communicating device.

Responsible for this are disgusting fascists and the vatican and peole from ukraine and fucked up state agents who even pretend to be relatives of mine.

Those devices are interchangeable. They can swap between devices and somw can reprogram it. which means your identity can be stolen .sometimes even for a short period.
in my case they swap between the IDs while I am sleeping and someone else pretends rhen on my behalf to have prostituted herself or to sell drugs.

People who decided on this digitalisation must have been insane.

I never received my proper identification. They stole it from me and someone else received my heritage and my rights and is corrupting sorpressing and partly murdering people to prevent that I receive my legit rights back.

They prevent that I can book flights already now.they prevent that i can find employment.
They prevent that i could receive asylum.

I am illegal now for a couple of days because they managed to orevent that I would leave thr USA.

They injected the device of a DEAD person that relates to the fascists.
Those communicating organs work according qua tum law and the law of ei steins ungleichzeitige gleichzeitigkeit.

Everyone who was connected to that dead person is now lerceiving everything that i do perceive having access to all knkwledge capable to infliuence our worls.
people who are contacted while talking to me are practically contacted by DEAD persons who still are alive in the 40s. The worst people you can imagine. Eicke goebbels goering himmler .it is a constant torture but worse they try to turn our world back into a fscist dictatorship with persecution.

They as well injected the device of that terrorist from veneto whonwas connected to the IS.

Fortunately those finally have understood that I am not her and as well most others.

They as well injectes the device of a prostitute which caused already several dorm of harrassments and assaults recently and those who kept the communicating part pretend that I would ask people whether they would like to do a porn. It is disgusting.


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