Antonio Justel Rodriguez


… when suddenly a verse, and only and exclusively a verse,
it enters you, sets you on fire and burns,
when it crackles for your conscience and blood because it has assaulted you and is burning you,
and when you feel that your mind has turned on,
- but that your mind opens like dawn, luminous and virgin -
and that immediately enters the heart to destroy and transform everything,
ah, at that moment, run, run and fly,
look for and climb some summit, crown it and raise your arms there,
because in that same and exact moment you will have found the indubitable sign
with which to anoint heaven with earth;
... a verse is a dagger, a path, a flaming transit,
a knowledge or conjuration of infinite, mutating, barbaric forces;
a verse can hurt or kill, transfigure,
or to house the lucid keys of all the borders, all the abysses, doors and rivers,
all the bridges, all the isthmuses and islands and all the seas;
... a verse like that, no, it is neither a man nor a woman, nor a people, nor a synthesis with the blood of a thousand races,
for before it pulses and rings the boiling plasma of all the galaxies with all their planets;
and, however, and against, you, dear listener or reader, dear friend or dear friend,
you can hear him bellow or moan in deep tears
at the exact moment you give up after having fallen;
Well, that one, that verse, that genius with a smooth heart and an incomparable mind,
it can kill you or turn you into a supreme song or enormous ode of a cry of joy:
the transubstantiation of being with his immortal chlamys,
his law,
 the voice of god,
the light of the universe.
Antonio Justel Rodriguez

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