Robert Zabek

bad luck is an expert


 at the soul asylum:

 "i am NOT fucking nuts, honey!",
 he yells at
 the lady in white.
 "i am friends with
 and a former student of
 the world-famous actor
 Klaus Maria Brandauer!".
 a swat lines up
 in a row.
 "increase his dose",
 their obvious mission.

 at a cemetary:

 that day i visited him,
 his mother tells me.
 i went to see the doctor
 and asked her how my son´s doing.
 "very bad", the doctor told me.
 "he´s hallucinating!", the doc said.
 i asked her if she was completely
 sure about it, as this seemed highely
 unlikely for my son.
 "well, he´s running around
 trying to convince the entire staff
 that he´s friends with and a former student of
 Klaus Maria Brandauer!".
 "Yes, but...this is true", i told the doctor.
 she looked at me as if i had lost my mind either.
 she said
 "yes...i know, what i just said", i replied.
 she left the scene
 and for a moment
 i felt as if
 they´re about to lock me up too.

 at the funeral:

 Klaus Maria Brandauer
 holds a speech:
 "he had called me
 that day
 so i went there to see him
 and pick him up.
 in the soul asylum
 it was obvious
 the doctors
 were confused
 and not really sure
 what was going on.
 you could hear
 my friend 
 laugh out loud
 as his doctor
 a lady in a white coat
 asked me
 for an autograph.
 he was supposed
 to play a roleplay
 that evening
 after some conversations
 and filling out
 some papers
 we left the building.
 couple hours later
 he was in good shape again
 he hit the stage
 and it was
 a huge success.
 he played great that night!"



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