Batina Williams

Running By The River

The sun had began to rise when I noticed that my fathers truck was still in the drive way. This was very strange because he never missed work. I mean never. I proceeded to the bathroom and turned the shower on. While I waited for the water to get hot, I brushed my teeth and tied my hair up away from my face. Suddenly I could hear the faint sound of someone crying, but I wan't really sure because the shower was so loud. Then I heard it again, I then knew it wan't a figment of my imagination. I dried off and put my clothes on rushing to see what was going on. I walked through the long hall of our house passing rooms along the way, trying to reach my parents room. As I approached the room, I didn't hear the crying anymore, this made me even more neverous. Finally I made it, their door was slighlty ajar. I took advantage of this by peeking through the crack of the door. My father was sitting on the bed and beside him was my mother. All seemed to be ok from the distance that I stood from. I made my way into my parents room, as my father did beckon for me to come int. As I approached my parents, I noticed there was something different about my mother. Was it the new pink night-gown she wore? Was it the way she looked at me? No it was niether of those things. Her belly that had be previously swollen, wasn't anymore. The baby that dwelled inside of her for the past nine months, was now resting comfortably in her arms. So that was the crying noise I heard. That would explain why my father's truck was still in the driveway. I looked at the new baby and for the first time in my life I felt the presence of an angel. That was seven years ago. I was eight then. I'm now fifteen and my little brother is seven. That day came back to me, like a picture. I thought of how my baby brother and I would have the years apart between us, but how my parents loved us just the same. I guess RUNNING BY THE RIVER made me think of where the river had flowed from and where it was flowing to. Like the path in my life I had to keep on with my journey to find where it would lead me to. Hopefully I can return and run by the river again with my own family.

Batina L. Williams


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