Andrew Alison

Dead Fox

Dead Fox Red fox, dead fox, with your eyes wide open. Taken by a speeding car, smashed to the kerbside Your family were expecting you, but you have not arrived. I hope that they will find you here and cry. Cry to the night sky. Howl at the moon. I should stop my car, scoop you up, and give your broken body a hug. Pay my last respects. Yes Mother Nature is cruel, but man is pure evil. Red fox, dead fox, you had to scavenge for food and do what cities make you do. No risk assessment for you. No carers needs. No pay by results/numbers care plan. CPA Intervention. No fox coordinator. No Nursing Fox Council, no C Fox C. Zero nothing. No save animals from cruelty, interventions. They call it ‘’life.’’’ ‘It was just the killer blow of metal on fur’’, said the bloke who scrapes dead things off the road in the Hastings Hare and Hounds pub. ‘’I didn’t see the animal’’, ‘’it was unsafe to brake’’….’’I speeded up when I saw it foxes are vermin’’. Who are these narcissists, human driven, murderers? Red fox, dead fox, still looking so majestic and defiant; in death. And yet nearby stand the Beachy Head heights, the Hastings asylum Light keepers, who listen over and over and over to the humans who want to mark the Anniversary of their broken bodies to take their own lives. We all know where Beachy Head is. Red fox, dead fox, with your eyes wide open. They never saw you lying there driving/walking straight past. Those Hastings asylum Community Light keepers are so shallow and hollow, little cliques, harmful formations, management damnations. These are nurses who claim to care. Who are so sadistic, political, back stabbing, driven and cold. So blameworthy, judgemental and finger pointing. Thinking they know what normal is. What is normal, is it over-generalisation? Red fox, dead fox, with your eyes wide open, so majestic, so real, so proud, your soliloquy. Against a background of Community Mental Health Care so dull, false and vacuous. You died about half a mile from mental health hollow. No risk assessment for you. No carers needs. No24/7. They say you can’t save everything and/or everybody but…. You can pretend to. Red fox, dead fox, with your eyes wide open. He was taken by a speeding car, smashed to the kerbside.

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