Ray Boorman


I knew right from the onset it was never going to work
the age gap and other things would simply drive ue apart
yet even though I was aware, it made me feel so good
as I walked around head in the clouds with a Cheshire cat like smirk

Perhaps it was an egotistic trap that I fell in
or a need to say "Hey look at me i'm really doing OK"
then just there for a moment you convince yourself its fine
but sadly you're deluded it's a game you just can't win

Maybe for a day or so life doesn't seem too bad
even though the things you love are miles and miles apart
babbling, speaking small talk, feeling i'll at ease
trying to re-kindle a time that you once had

Alas I sit alone again reflecting what has been
realizing things for me will never be the same
being thankful for the old times and new one's yet to come
remembering all the true love and the heartache I have seen

It's maybe fear of loneliness that makes me act this way
i've never been alone before so don't know what to do
surely there is more to life than walks down memory lane
if not, then how do people cope with life day after day ?



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