Inge Hoppe-Grabinger

St.Patrick´s Day (March l7th)

It was, of course, St. Patrick's Day,
so they climbed - like always -   "the Reek",
a lot of pilgrims were on their way, 
enlightenment to seek.

The path was steep, the way was long,
but it simply had to be done.
Some people helped themselves with a song,
accompanied by the sun.

A woman, overtaking me,
she asked me how long it would take,
I didn't know for sure, you see.
Did it matter? For heaven's sake!

She stumbled and she was covered in sweat,
but she had to maintain her decision:
"And if it kills me .. I'll do it, I bet,
that was and still is my vision!"

And on she crawled, courageous and tough,
her soul expecting relief ...
(the stones were gliding like slippery stuff)
...redemption from irksome grief.

I saw the pilgrims moving away,
everywhere this shuffling sound,
I was left alone and I wanted to stay,
peacefully looking around.

I was granted (half-way) a glorious view,
a landscape ... endless and fine.
I felt illuminated ... too
and did not need a sign ... divine ...

March l7 th,  2016

*) Today is St. Patrick's Day.   Irish Catholics  regard it as their duty to climb   St. Patrick's Mountain  at least once  in their
lifetime.  This mountain (which is not  really high, but the  slippery stones are rather dangerous)  is also called "The Reek",
for reasons unknown (?).  I do appreciate that St. Patrick  was not so fond of snakes....



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