Inge Hoppe-Grabinger

Being interested

For a long time
I was only interested
in milk and sweets
I got over it
Then I got interested
in worms and birds and bees
It took me a long time
to get over it
I started putting silly questions:
Why are there so many stars?
Where do rainbows sleep?
Who invented the earth?
And so on and so on.
Oh, they gave sensible answers
So I stopped asking silly questions.
Everything was clear to me
for a change
I got interested
in Elvis, soft and hard drinks,
in loud music and money.
Now loud music interests me not so 
much any more
Maybe, there are too many people
interested in the same tribal rites
Money interests me less and less
For some reason
I get more and more interested
in  earth-worms
and in the milky way.
Maybe, one day,
I'll return to milk and honey
at the same time
when  it's  getting dark.

l977 -  last version:  2o15



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