David Feranmi

The strength of neglect

Once one becomes addicted to the feel of crisp, unruffled, dispensed not necessarily cashed bank notes, the tenacious bond, chain, the grip is hard to break, liberty difficult to elicit, even the supernatural declared in this regard, the phase @ which one brings forth impressively green, broad¶llel veined leaves, one becomes evil and so must go the way of all evil; develop into a necessity or be vanquished into thin air afforded but an ephemeral remembrance. For him, there wasn't much of a choice, he had never been able to live in the instrumentals; the spotlight was on him or it wasn't on @ all and so he meticulously&arduously planned, strategized, objectivized&schemed for this moment, this nounce where he took advantage of everyone&everything he had bamboozled into feeding off his already become tree as farmers of good watch on in silent trepidation born of silent envy, fathered by an apathy malignantly extrovert. If this deal goes through, it wouldn't be of consequence how much of the inital humbug the public eye comes to view, they'll need him as direly as their next morsel of bread. And so the exterminator drowns in a sea of conundrum, fettered @ his ankles and weighted by the onus of choice; severe austerity vs flagrant purification, or do we just wait until autumn when the tree loses its strength&cogency, but then, waiting on nature might be a tad late, it's advent of little consequence. If this pact gets sealed, so does our fate.

Our todays are strolling down the exact same path, heading to the precise location of our yesterdays; nowhere, and even the most talented of us; potential alphas, are swayed by the current of complacency, drifting wildly off shore while we in our pathetic&smug minds reason that the ship of our reason is on course. Until we realize that there's a pressing need to terminate superficial&all its neuroglea's appointment as captain and install to stern the viseral, until we let go of ingenous processing and permit our emotions to grasp the same and channel these thoughts towards doing what we feel is right,our entirety might jst be heading into nothingness whose very bossom resides in sheol.


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