Sue Honig

Delayed Gratification

Give me more
can’t get enough
I want more
just give me love
I want you
and I want you bad
you’re driving me crazy
like no one else ever had
I want to be wild
want to rock and roll
I want to be bad
lose my self-control
Anticipation is the greatest joy
and it seems it never ends
this may never realize
because there is a fence
It can’t, it mustn’t become true
I cannot have you both
perhaps sometime this rule may change
there’s still hope, no one knows
We play with the fire
but we never get burnt
I burn with desire
yet so long I have yearned
This dance with the fire
unbearably slow
stepping back and forth
tests my self-control
But it seems to be good for me
because I learn what it takes
to make my happiness a priority
in case no one else makes
It seems, when I truly love myself
everything’s fine with everyone
and only good things can evolve
I don’t need you, not anyone
How could this happen
you’re just an ordinary guy
with many flaws, not my type
still I’m yearning for you, why?
Always on my mind
making me blind
you know how to wake my desire
it seems you’re doing everything right
You’re really listening and interested
so real, just yourself, you're independent
free and full of energy
your humour so intelligent
You know what you want
and accept only the good
I love the challenge
it puts me in the mood
You leave me guessing
restraining your feelings
I’d like you confessing
but you’re just giving hints
I enjoy you so much
don’t wanna withstand the lure
I wish our relationship
emerges in something beautiful and pure
Let’s find our own relationship style
when we let it happen naturally
life is never short of surprises
and it’s full of variety

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