Johanna Döttelmayer

Sacrificing my heart to you


I don't even know what's going on in my head myself
You'd probably say I'm going crazy
Or maybe you'd just brush it off


Anger, pain, guilt
has been lingering in the basement of my heart for too long
There's no space for another human being in there


Maybe I should call a friend before the clock strikes twelve
But my willpower is nonexistent, I start to argue with myself

The longer the emotional distress goes on, the more baggage starts to pile up
Suddenly I can hear the mess scraping against the wooden door
I get up, ring a bell, cry out for a guiding hand, but the help I get seems so corrupt
With a rumbling noise, the walls start to cave in, next we'll see my secrets out on the floor


Please tell me you'll be there for me through and through
'Cause if I can't count on you- 
I don't know what to do
I'm only one downfall away from giving up and giving in
If I need to, I'll comply with the requirements and send the paper in


I've kept all of this to myself for too long
Now that I am aware of the issue I've brought on
I don't have the slightest clue on how to go on


There's no way to make it undone
Where have I gone wrong?
My head's spinning
All that's left
is an ocean full of dreadful emotions
And I've never been good at swimming

If only I could have seen it coming
That one day I'll be swimming at the bottom
Into the unknown

That one day I'll be only one step away
from jumping, never to be seen again
This is when I'll dive through all the sadness and pain
Maybe I can make it up again
And bring my dead emotions back to you
Before I'll sacrifice my heart to you



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Veröffentlicht auf am 30.05.2015.


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