Marina Pouget

The party of the year

Sandra! She called me while running upstairs. It has arrived!
Of course I knew what she meant. We had been waiting for it all the time. Our invitation to Macy’s birthday party! Macy was one of the coolest and most popular girls in our neighbourhood and her parties were the biggest, where you met all the cool people. This party was the highlight of the summer, and everybody who was invited was very glad, because there you got the chance to join the circle of the cool people!  So, for the rest of the day my twin sister Tracy and I had a big topic to talk about!
Five days later the day of the party finally had come! We were wearing our new party outfits and were ready to have fun! When we arrived at the party, we tried to get an overview of the people who had come, there were so many!
We fell on to the party and went to the bar for getting some drinks. With the drinks in our hands, we walked around and met some friends. We talked, danced and had fun until it was late at night. Everybody was in a good humour.
 When walking through the crowd to get to the bar again, I got elbowed so hard by some girls that I fell to the ground. My knee started bleeding and I had grazes on my hands. Tracy helped me to stand up again and I decided to just carry on and enjoy the party. We went talking to friends and enjoying the music.
After a while, I wanted to go to the bathroom, so I turned around and ran against somebody. A short “Sorry!” was all I said and tried to go on, but the luck wasn’t with me: my dress got tangled up around one of the buttons on his jacket and my skirt teared.
I was not really amused about that, but I wanted to enjoy my party, so I tried not to get worked up and repaired my skirt as good as possible and went back to my sister and our friends.
When we were walking past a guy who had drunken too much, he suddenly tripped over something and all the content of his glass was spilt over my dress!  
He apologized, but I was already wet, so I headed to the bathrooms, there was just one for all those people, but I was lucky, no one was waiting in front of the toilets. I went to the door, but I couldn’t open it. The only toilet was locked! I couldn’t get inside!
I was standing in front of a toilet in a dripping dress smelling of beer, in which it started to get cold, my knee was still bleeding and the girls who had elbowed me before passed by giggling. I was getting angry! I had wanted to enjoy my party. This party should have got the party of the year! But it was horrible!
So I went back to my twin sister and told her what happened, how terrible the party was. I was really annoyed!
Tracy tried to calm me down and told me to come with her. She wanted to take me to the supermarket which was just 2 blocks away for buying some tissues to dry my dress.
I talked the whole time just about how terrible the party was. I let all my anger out.
It happened when we went back to the party. I was so busy with talking about how terrible the party was, that I didn’t watch out for the street I crossed. I just felt somebody shoving me very hard, so that I fell to the ground, and then I heard the screeching brakes of a car and the terrible noise when it hit something.
I stood up awkwardly and turned around. Then I saw it, the something, the car had hit, was no something, it was somebody! After a moment I realized, that the person hit by the car was nobody else then my twin sister!
I saw her lying on the street, her right leg in a strange angle, it was obviously broken, and a lot of blood around her head, my sister.
My whole body was shaking when I went down on my knees and touched her face. I wasn’t sure if she was dead or alive.
I felt more than terrible. Just a few moments ago I talked to her about how terrible the party was. The party was nothing against this. My sister was probably dead, that was horrible! And I was my fault, I didn’t watch out for the car, because I was working myself into a state about something so unimportant like this party, she saved me and now she was lying on the street, bleeding.


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