Bernhard Pappe

Ballad of the Young Black Sheep (a grotesque story)

The first lines I wrote down named “Rock ‘n Roll Nonsense Part I” Now today the whole and true story about the young black sheep.

A young black sheep
In a cavern deep
Played an electrical guitar
To become a Rock ‘n Roll Star

But the sheep smelled the fame
Took immediately a plane
A flight directly to London
With a pretty coloured hat on

The guys at border control
Shouted out wonderful
To have such a sheep in the city
With his hat on so pretty

With a guitar in his bag
Pink ribbons round his neck
The sheep was amused
With compliments infused

We know that at the end
The thought was extremely different
The sheep thought crazy and wonderful
The guys thought keep him under control

Living with music and earning money
It was a hope like milk and honey
Never give up the black sheep said
In mind he was not really afraid

On a dark day there was a slaughter
Without any daughter
He shouted the world don’t need
A guitar playing sheep

The sheep was protected
The slaughter was arrested
The sheep still survived
In a second life he arrived

He heard the Rolling Stones
Coming out from mobile phones
He heard also brilliant Hard Rock
Now he had own songs in stock

He played his songs on all walk ways
Got applause and coins at each days
Got entry in different bars
Inside whiskey in jars

Onetime a young musician was in
He thought: That’s for me a big sin
The sheep should not play alone
To enter the stage I will go on

He asked the sheep for collaboration
To capture with music the whole nation
For the young man it was really true
The sheep is a metal guru.

The band played together show by show
Success came out but very slow
The band became more popular
The sheep became an underground star

Now we have a happy end
I’m able to present
The famous young black sheep
With the magic guitar sweep

© BPa / 02-2014


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