Arun Kurkute

my love story

recent past my friend visited to my place. as usual we started discussion on various topics. it was entertaining and informatics. bursting laughs and sharing knowledge were main highlights of our discussion.
he said: I really feel that, you have allround personality.
whether I agrees or don't agree with his statement was not the issue. but this time someone is by heart was appriciating me. so I humbly accepted it. and said, thanks.
suddenly the googly question delivered to me. for which I wasn't prepared.
he said: by now you must have married and settled in life, isn't i?
I gone on backfoot and calmly ansered, yeah! true.
now he started bombarding with questions and subquestions over to me.
I did not wanted to retreat from it. I said, "may be I am not perfect match to my counterpart."
he started sshelling of questions and subquestions went on rise. to cover myself I need to built a defensive system.
spontaneously I composed self made story and started narrating to him.
since he was caring for me. he obediently starting listening my story.

few years ago I met my loved one. love conversations was on peak. silky conversations were making me delightful. suddenly, alarm bell rung in my ears. in forms of question. "do you really love me?"
I just shackled. "exam! without giving timetable in advance?" I collected all my courage and said, "yes, I do love you. any doubt?" she uttered, "really?"
I firmly said, "yes yes!"
she then asked me you have to do a small thing in favour of me.
I knew that "a small target always is impossible one." hiding my fear I said, "why not I will. anything for love."
she said: okay, can you bring down moon and stars for me?"
I happened to exclaim "what!" I wagged my love confident in upset. I humbly accepted my defeat in love. realizing that "I am out of love."
I honestly told her,
once I couldn't lift lord Krishna's stone made butter bowl in Mahabalipuram. I must confess that, I cannot lift easily 25 liters full of water-bucket. so I am sorry. I cannot fulfilled your wish.
she politely said, "okay, thanks. goodbye.
my friend felt pity for me. and said, "how come you are so much blunder in love is concerned?" he started telling and explaining about love. be in socialwork's language it may called, I.C. individual conference. which lasted for few hours.
--Arun Kurkute



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