Maddiie Vali

Why is it


Why is it

that when my mind goes adrift

you’re the one thing on my mind


Why is it 

that when I cry at night

it is because I want to be with you


Why is it

that life can be so demanding

so that I sometimes just feel like giving up


Why is it

that I have had thoughts about taking my life

to rid myself of all pain, confusion, and misery


Why is it 

that this was but a thought

and I never intended to do so anyway


Why is it

that most days I just want to curl myself into a ball

and drop onto my bed and cry


Why is it 

that I turn to sleep as a solution to my problems

so I can just forget it all for a little while


Why is it 

that though I am deeply in love

I am still not one hundred percent happy


Why is it 

that love is not everything

and I still have anger and sadness within me


Why is it

that sometimes I scream

and no one listens, no one turns their head


Am I invisible? Am I selfish for wanting attention?

Is it wrong to be confused? Is it wrong to not know what I want?

Do I have a choice in what my life should be? Do I have a chance at being what I want to be?

Will I ever feel as happy as I am with him? Will I ever stop having these feelings of depression and anxiety?


Is it bad to not want to ask for help, because I think things may get better?


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