Rafael Nugent

A Restless Dream

A Restless Dream

“Are you mad at me?” —her words just shy of a whisper.
“How could I” —he replied— “I don’t know you well enough.”
“Then, what’s going on? You seem a little distant” —she didn’t know what to expect. After all he was right.
“Do you want me to be honest? Are you prepared for such a thing?” —His words were sharp as blades cutting through the tension building between the two of them.
He took a deep breath, prepared to tell her everything. He was craving the need to destroy another person. He was fed up with all things never turning out in his favor. He was breaking down.
“Everything is perfect” —he said with a smile.
His heart sinking inside his chest. Just three words, that’s all he could sum up. As always, he lost his breath and got caught inside those amazingly beautiful dark eyes that haunted every waking minute of his life. He realized then that sorrow was a street better traveled alone, there was no need to drag her along, there was no need to get back at her, there was no need at all.
“Are you sure?” —Her voice sounding like a distant echo, now lost with every hope he had of being with her.
“Yeah, I will be fine” —he said standing up and walking away.
His goodbye was not said with words, It was too perfect to try making sense out of it. Instead, a lonely tear fell through his face and into the pavement. The cold, hard, unforgiving road, that saw him walk all those times before, would see him again tonight.
She stood there in disbelieve, not really knowing what had just happened. Everything was the same as before, or at least she thought so. Even then, a rare feeling began crawling up her body, as if she had just lost something she never realized she had.
She stood there, alone, underneath the bright light of an old post, with just her shadow to keep her company.
That night neither slept well. They became each other’s nightmare, well, more of a beautiful restless dream.


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