Karl Wiener

The frog's concert

Every night in moonlight, the frogs in the muddy pond start their concert. They believe that they are singing, nevertheless, their singing sounds like a shrill laughter. There, in the murky water, lived once a simpleton, who believed to be a great singer. He croaked louder and longer than his mates did, even when these had fallen silent since long.
A stork had heard him croak. Next morning he came with stilted steps, greedy for eat the cheeky frog. However, all the pond inhabitants know that storks consider frog legs as delicacy, and just before the stork arrived at the pond, they disappeared into deep water.
Only our friend, the great singer, stayed daringly on the bank of the pond. He blew out his throat and announced how to overcome the malicious enemy: "He should come, the shabbily wretch, the silly stork, I do not him fear. I will tear out all his feathers and throw him into the water, where he must pitifully drown".
However, when he raised his eyes to the sky, he startled violently and fell, thanks God, equal to his mates, saving his life, headlong into the pond. Although his life was severely threatened, he escaped his certain death. This time, the stork lurked in vain for his prey.
The loudmouth, still very pale, appeared as the last one out of the murky pond. He trembled all over and was not able to move. He has probably taken to heart that he escaped only with difficulty from the stork, because we hear no longer his voice in moonlight.



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