Michael A. Fischer

The Meaning of Life

Some people say: "There is no meaning of life." Most say: "There is a meaning of life, but it can not easily be told what it is and everybody has to find it him/herself." 
I say: "Bullshit! The meaning of life EXISTS, it CAN be easily found and it is THE SAME for everybody." So here is a short do and don't list on how to give your life sense and who to find it's meaning:
  • Enjoy the moment. One special second can give sense to a whole life.
  • Life is full of those seconds, you just have to open your eyes and see them when they come your way (and they DO come to everybody, believe me).
  • Know yourself, know your faults & love yourself the way you are.
  • Make faults to learn and never look back in anger. Sometimes a lot of shit has to happen, to let something good evolve.
  • Try to understand the way your enemies think, so you can turn them into friend or at least  to get to know why they act the way they do. (Which makes it easier cease hating them)
  • Find a channel to let all your anger and hate flow away.
  • Find love. There are many ways and many things to love.
  • Never supress love. You can love many people at the same time. It is a lie that true love means to love only one person. Nevertheless it is true that you can live together with only one partner. This is because we are made to live IN big groups, but to live AS pairs. So always remember: Making love is only ONE way of loving. And it is true what a wise man said: You can get hungry everywhere, but it's always the best to eat at home.
  • Do not have relationships with people you do not really love. How to know what real love is? Well, if this question is neccessary it definitely is not real love. Everybody knows what true love is, unfortunately most people listen more to their brains and to their naughty bits, then they do to their hearts.
  • Life is a game. So treat it as one.
  • In fact every single day, every hour, every minute second and splitsecond is a game all of itself. You always have to try to have good moments. A homeless can have a better life then a billionaire. Life is never about money, career, goals or something like that. All life is about is having a good time.
  • Understand that their is no duty. You do not have to do ANYTHING. Everything you do, you do, because you CHOOSE to do so. Of course there are REASONS to do or not to do something (law for example or survival), but his has no effect on the fact that you still CHOOSE to do it. It is very important for you to understand this. 

To put it all in a nutshell, here is the meaning of life:

Find one moment (it ahs not neccessarily to be a long one)  which is so positiv that you know (KNOW, not BELIEVE or THINK, etc) that this single moment has made your life worth living.

P.S. Guess what the best thing is: When you spent such a moment, noone and nothing can take it away from you, NEVER. Because it happend and no matter what shit is going to happen, nothing can change this fact. 

P.S.S. And of course you can have MORE THEN ONE of this moments. You just have to live them.


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