Jens Marquard



Baby you´re so hot,
baby you´ve got what I want;
if you´re dressed up or not;
you should know, I love you a lot;
baby you´re so sweet;
baby you´ve got what I need;
you increase my heartbeat;
if we´re face to face and our eyes meet;


You´re one for a life time;
you´re the one, merely the prime;
your look and everything´s my line;
how can you be so right;
I´m excited these feelings ain´t just mine;
Now we´re here both in your room;
all I´m thinking `bout is about you;
with you my dreams are becoming true;
with you my contacts are true;
all I want is you;
If I had a last thing in life to do;
of course I would spend it with you;


you´re one of the special kind;
you´re the one who´s hard to find;
your look and everything´s my line;
with you I play the title role;
of the whole thing´s called me and you;
it only blooms;
All I can keep in mind is you;
and the activities I do with you;
all the sights I make with you;
what I wanna do;
is go around with you;
in the neighbourhood;


and I wanna tell you,
that I just wanna be with you;
because you and me that is the groove;
that´s proving our truth;
and I can´t get enough;
I wanna always prove you my love;
it´s easy and smooth,
I wanna be with you,


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