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Idiots from state agencies and their cheap strategies

Idiots from state agencies and their cheap strategies

A short update from the autobiographical book I am working on these days.

"Its quite hilarious the situation .
I thought I would have seen all of the cheap disguise and zersetzungs strategies of insane state agencies that wrre founded by the fascists and the vatican.but their idiocy does not know limits.

Lately I was receiving ibfo that I would be dead.
Dead? Deleted? My passport not existing anymore?
This is hilarious. I am pretty alive and my passport though damages does exist very real as well in my pocket.even with biometrical data.
But an employee of delta airlines had nothing better to do to break it almost into half. It looked alreasy challenged before after 7 years of regularly absurd persecution by idiots theoughout the entire woeld and my curiousity whether maybe in a next countey it might be different and people wouls be more intelligent but it was not broken.

Miss employee of delta airlines at BWI airport takes the passport opens it looks at the cover wipes with her finger over the bookbinding back and forth and forth and back and i wonder whether she is trying to bend it or break it .then she runs away wirh it daying she must check whether it can be accepted at all still by her airline vanishing with it in a backoffice while constantly opening and closing it.
When she comes back the passport looks even worse then she informs me i could travel with it but there is a problem because emshe needs a return flight.
Her other colleauge the evening before had checkes on that and was tols that no returnflight would be needes for the destination in the dutch kingdom within the carrivean sea. So i was stuck again at the airport.
I started to feel a little bit like in the terminal movie with the difference of being allowed to leave the airport.
tge next day i try to buy a ticket to anothet country but the next and different airline manager tells the money would not be visible in the system while my friend reports me that the money has been taken from his debit card and the exact amount.
so Who did the storno that it never reached the airline?
now i am without 1250 usd and cannot buy another dlight for 2 weeks until that money is back.welcome to the illegal world.
but i have no i terest to be illegal and approach the usa Immigration amd customs of bwi airport. They should be able to help me right?
I as start with a very good person and explain the situation asking him whether he has a chance to check on how long the visa at all is valid.
he vanishes with my passport asking me for some patience.
15 minutes later a woman comes back with the passport and lets me explaim the situation again but she says nothing about the validity of the visa or hoe many days i have left.
She suggests me to get a bus to mexico and to leave the country walking this wouls be easier.she says she cannot provide me with any peroof that i seekes the assistance and that that i wouls have legal travels to there.
she as well makes a comme t on that it might be safer in mexico seen it is less digital there but she does not explain what she means with it.

The sityation becomes more and more absurd.
Suggestion to go to mexico and walk over the border?

i dont thibk this is thr case to be.but i need to leave the airport that day in either case.i have no money for a flight to anywhere soon with a teturn ticket ans the police of the aieport that morbing had been advised to tell me that sleeping in the airport without valid flight ticket would be considered as an offensive crime.

A few days ago it became even more absurd.some people letting me know i would not exist anymore.i would be considered as dead.
and others seem to be convinced a person would have shot me or i would have done suicide and someone would have faked this to surprose me?
thought everything would be already absurd enough but well I am very alive and never did die or pretended to do so.


I add here in the meanwhile a different chapter about
stateagents and their cheap strategies... Not funny at all
and not satire at all but cheap for sure and idiots
especially on ethical scale as well...

Here you can read what i publish as wel as an extra
chapter but i have no title yet for it...
Maybe unethical lawyers and statr agents?

I got to know individyals from the family Haiges for the
first time in 1998.
I remember that Michael told me to join him after school
at one of our favouriete families restaurants
where he had had a businessmeeting with Mr Haiges
senior. The father of I go Haiges.
Mr Haiges was a counselor of thr Heinrich Kempchen
Stiftung and Michael and the Kempchen&Co GmbH
before it had
merged with the Klinger company.
A the doundation was founded by Heinrich Kempchen to
guarantee that all his descendents would always be with
money and opportunities but he was not able to foresee
that from the very beginning assholes would infiltrate
who then
caused the opposite than anything he had in his mind
with that noble ideam
Heinrich Kempchen had founded the gasket co pany
Kempchen in 1884. He and his 9 brothwrs were all
emtrepreneurs. One of him moving to Portugal and
opening a succesful trade within the cork industry for
So Michael had always inportant meetings with the
other people from the foundation and their and his
From my opinion all kindergarden and saebelrassel
intrigue schleimbeutel wasting money and time.
One of them (hans peter wilke) even once wastes money
while participating in unethical alimentary speculations,
on food growth is like betting on the life of your child
because it is betting on lifes of other people.
As well he was constantly intriguing here and there and
there and here. I met hans peter wilke and hisnwife
susan peling
wilke for the first time at the age of 8 at their beuatyful
home with their 3 luxury cars mext to the river Ruhr in
when Michael once had to meet him to exchange some
business and foundarion knowledge. I remember me
smalltalk with his english wife who was so kind to gife
me a box in shape of a teddy bear with english
gummibears and a
recipe book with english recipes as a little gift and i kept
that box many years before it after all vanished
I reme.ber that her husband saud to micharle at some
point. \"Wissen Sie Herr Junker. Bleiben wir doch
beim Sie. Es
gibt ein gutes Sprichwort unter Geschaeftsleuten
sagt eher du arschloch als Sie Arschloch\".\"
I once was so annoyed by all their bullshitting in the
later years that I at my age of 14 told clearly my opinion
to that Mr
Wilke at the phone in a very moderate but sharp way
which caused him to even conpliment about me to Fried
Theodor Junker \" i am impresses. I have never seen a
person such integre. It will cause her problems at some
point in her


Of course this is not funny at all when you live it real.
Especially when yiu see entire companies and airports
that seem to be corrupted while you are trying to find a
place or country where people do not believe state
agents nomatter what even when THEY did crime being
rewponsible dor murder that they even try to make it
appear as if it was you.
It is not at all funny when people tried to organize a
greencard or asylum in a different country and then
others corrupt or infiltrate to sabotage as well that.
A few days i came to know that people are dead who
could have cobfirmed that I am saskia charlotte.
There are rumours that the perwon who grew me up is
dead after he had been tried to be made believe that i
would have prostitutes myself and been shown that
movie people made while abusing me and that when he
did not believe it that they killed him.that this would
have happened in may after a set up did let corrupt
himself ro deliver the final scenes abusing my trust that
was hard enough to recover anyway towards others.

My email accounts are still compromised.there is still a
fucked up person who claims to be my husband there is
still a psychopath who stole all my money and property
and people who stole the difital devices of mine talking
amd acting on my behalf corrupting the entire world or
tell lies everyehere. The last contact poison attack
happened 2 weeks ago in a hotel in washington dc which
means the perpetraror with ukraine background had
found a way to enter there.
It is senseless to approach any official.
I tries to ask even asylum in russia but the russian
embassy did not take it serious and said if i want to
apply foe asylum or a visa i must do that from my
residence or citizencountry.very funny.not at all.

I have been deprived of 3 heritages. I came to know that
the person who is peprsecuting me and did abuse me in
2020 is already the person who was let entered into my
very own flat in 2016 at lake garda after the state agents
living in the same building had drugged food and
sedated air and that guy was one of 5 other persons who
i identified while a woman was
work anymore\\\\\\\" someone else quickly
switching of
light and 3 persons pressing me down on my bed. And
one of the next days one of the persons who i identified
from the building making some indirect comment with
the excuse of an old electricity bill but without ever
letting me see the recreipt for it that the person who
inherited me the flat would have forgotten to pay a bill.

Its not funny when you come to know that the federal
republic of germany did state crimes against you from
your birth in 1985 on without ever compensating you but
instead when you became aware of it in already 2015
tried to let murder you in various ways.explains why
police in 2015-2019 neither from german side what
would be my citizenship ever helped.

In 2019 i reached out to several of them as well on
distance and still to embassies hoping it wouls not be
the federal government involved but they only referred
me to use the app nostalk to document all persecution.
Tmi filed reports several times in different
was nwver followed up but instead they dis spreas lies i
would have stolen my passport and docume ts and
would have run away ferm an institution and would be

No..this is all not very funny.
Nut satire is a way of elaboration.nothing mkre.nothing
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