Antonio Justel Rodriguez



... beats and trembles the air,
glow, live;
there is in him like a rapture upwards,
Like deep ecstasy
like a fiery flame of levitation;
oh, oh if you could observe with me this halo of inimitable light,
this gold outfit, its aesthetics, the infinity of soul;
... at what time, I say, at what instant of pure love catches fire and rises,
that gives everything and prints everything as a certain rubric that forgetting is in vain;
Mysterious living is this without knowing or seeing, as if breastplate, as if shield or dark abyss,
which stone-law, which rigor and faith, which severe and dual, which rough and hard hostel or lodging;
...and yet this splendor,
the architecture of this subtle and etheric flight,
together with a voice of inner fire that bursts forth with powerful force,
singing and burning with an energetic and brave verb, divine and redeeming;, no woman, no man will ever, ever be a dead lotus,
how else this total sublimity,
this enormous joy,
this flowering,
this genius,
this magnificent face,
this exalted contemplation of ineffable texture and immortal heartbeat.
Antonio Justel

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