Merit Sprang

Hold my scars

Hold my scars 

That happened when I chewed on thorns 

Of roses that I ate up raw 

Trying to drink their color through soft petals

Melting on my tongue 


That came from hitting stones 

That lay in destructive manner 

Too still in my way 

When I tried to break them 

They mocked me by drawing lines 

On my light skin 

Rough against smooth palms 

Tough against pale knuckles 


But alas I drank the color whole 

My blood dripping from my mouth in words that spoke distorted of the secrets of the universe 

I couldn’t understand, but I felt a light melt in my heart and shade it bigger 

And alas I broke the stone 

At the cost of broken bones 

I got up with shaky legs 

But still took steps

That shook the earth 

For I had turned to steel by proving 

There is nothing like a rocky path for me 


So hold my scars 

I gently place them on your fingertips 

That are going to be 

the most gentle of beings 

to ever grace me 

I trust with chapped lips and eyeballs on fire 

I trust with the ice cold shock of desire

I trust with a thousand knives stabbed in my back 

Because I saw what could come next 


Hold my scars 

And I shall fade into stardust 

And all my scars will become starlight that  will soar through the heavens and form new constellations 

A light alighting

just to show us our existence

In painful freedom


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