Antonio Justel Rodriguez



["Paris is well worth a mass",
Phrase attributed to Henry IV of France]

... make up your mind, make up your mind and jump, break into yourself, and, with determination, contemplate yourself,
wishes, wishes to green you and enter your own mind and your own heart,
and, already, pursuing the achievement of a sweet and loving mind and an intelligent heart,
- cooperating both -
with deep imagination and will of ruby ​​or diamond, study them and program yourself;
choose the materials with exactitude and build in a living way a project of value, of utility,
until you manage to articulate yourself and see yourself at last as a being of real light:
fully diligent, self-sufficient and free;
transform your beliefs and make them fungible and ductile, versatile, liquid,
revise or break, therefore, the old liturgies of your tastes and traditions, of your ideology,
Or mix them up as ancient and oppressive dark boxes, padlocks and walls will fall before you;
open, then, also, and consequently, your roofs and install skylights or huge holes,
and let the light and air enter with eagerness, gratitude and strength,
 breathing and polishing incredible and ignored corners, hidden under old and very dense shadows,
allowing unexpected brilliance and brilliance to emerge and appear completely unknown;
in short, it dispenses with concave lenses, ancient myths or archaic and alien orientations;
overcomes ancient or closed systems and outdated and thick axioms,
and, that, whoever has instructed, supports or disseminates them,
 and now, whether of any order, grade or level, place or condition;
in a word, investigate yourself with intuitive and cognitive objectivity,
and, under a sublime and unconditional love, analyze yourself with humility and conscientiousness,
and if necessary, consider and redesign each light and moment one by one
that can offer you doubt,
because, perhaps, and for the first time - do not forget,
 after one and another and another life of fear, of duality-darkness and mystery -
you manage to go down the street as a minor god and in formation - evolving and humble, yes -
but conscious, magnificent and radiant, full of intimate radiance, power and immortal dreams;
And it is that, friend or friend - believe me - in this XXI, a plus of these characteristics,
of this authentic and very expensive truth,
- beyond the enormous and proper value of Notre Dame and Paris -
Well, very well this modern, universal and invaluable Mass may be worth as much or more for you.
Antonio Justel Rodriguez

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