Joseph Trance

Slipping And Sliding

Headphones plugged in.  A small nightlight illuminates the keys. 2:30 am. The house sleeps.  Wifey unaware as she hugs Punky and blissfully snores in Baby Beachnut Land.   But I move now, free to slip and slide down the keyboard keys.  My hands swiftly flying up and down in twelve bar boogie boogie style as my visual memory completely takes me to times past. ​​​As I tickle the keys in a jazzy lead,  I'm sixteen and standing on top of a mountain open hands raised to the sun under a cloudless blue sky. I dance a Praise Dance: bowing and bending, sliding and slipping as my fingers fly over the fPiano Keys. I       As I am taken away by the swift walking baseline of my left hand I am sliding down a water slide in River Park Resort laughing as water splashes me and my ten year old  body weaves down the water tunnel into the warm pool below.   My right hand races up and down the blues scale and I am consumed by memories of rolling down green hills as peals of laughter erupt from my six year old lungs.  Freedom!!  Movement!!  Motor and visual memories synced together in a joyous explosion of sound and movement.   Eyes closed as I fly down memory lane to times past and Freedom forgotten.      My eyes open.  The music fades as I transition to a slow passionate blues. The digital clock reads 4:37 am.  Three more hours..till shower and shave. Then back to the grind of unpacking boxes and stocking shelves.     I slip off the headphones, gently press the off button and the red keyboard lights disappear. I sigh.  I stretch.  I slowly rise from the piano bench.    Slipping and slide time is over.  I move slowly back to bed...back into real  Life.   ​​​​​​ ​​​​​

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