Ivan Sokac


The world of adults has for a long time been insensitively pouring lies onto the purity of the newly created mind, believing persistently in the vortex of nonsense while living in it. They do not know for the alternative . They are afraid…

That is why they are fostering the lie and with the finger in front of the mouth they are evoking premonition.

Silence was interrupted by a gentle voice from the corner. Lurking, he waited patiently for his moment. Then he started very slowly and softly and curious become quiet and then there was silence.

- Outside, you could hear a life! – said the kid – People live outside.

The father got up from the chair while the others looked at the child in astonishment, he then went to the window and said:

- There is no one out there. It's raining and it's gloomy. It gets dark faster in the autumn.

- Through the door, under the threshold, I feel the pollen from the blooming linden trees. It's morning and it isn’t dark. It is just about to be dawning. And it's not autumn but it's late spring – the boy said.

- There’s no morning, son. – said the concerned father, looking briefly at his son and then back to the backyard.

- There it is, behind the gates. Only you cannot see it. It’s scared of the grown-ups. I will go there and invite the morning to come in.

The kid ran out and returned in a few moments, holding the morning by the hand. The linden tree smelled even stronger and the joy of the awakened day sneaked into the house.


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