Rufus Murry Jr (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)

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Goodbye28.03.2012 War & Peace
Aged Association01.05.2012 Psychological
Another Nations Siblings23.11.2010 General
Back Home Where The Cotton Pickers Belong05.05.2013 Philosophical
Deception23.04.2012 Travel Stories / My Home Country
From Behind The Wall 26 and California02.06.2013 Psychological
HamHocks And Collar Greens In Town Tonight20.04.2013 Growing Up
In The Nursing Homes Today13.12.2012 General
Last Will And Estate Theive,s03.05.2012 Crime
Little Gangster Man09.06.2012 Mystery
Mama I,m Coming Home01.07.2013 Thoughts
Mississippi Love Blue,s16.05.2012 Growing Up
Ms. Soldier Woman,Mother and Father Both or K-Town Row17.03.2012 Life
No Blessing To Live With11.11.2012 Mystery
SINFUL ASSOCIATION16.04.2012 Mystery
Take That Walk With Me To God And Christ House01.02.2011 Growing Up
THE FEMALE21.04.2012 Childhood
The Love I Lost,Then Crib Death12.05.2013 Love & Romance
The Makings Of The Criminal Mind13.04.2013 Psychological
The Price to Pay02.08.2012 Historical
The Snow05.04.2012 Growing Up
The Step-Father13.04.2012 Thoughts
They all will go for the right price06.04.2012 General
To Dream A Dream27.04.2012 Humour
To Live14.04.2012 Life
To Ride The Wave ,To Zenbaway, My African Queen30.12.2010 Satire
To See The Angel,s Walk22.04.2012 Mystery
To Sit, To See28.04.2012 Growing Up
Vengence Of The She-Serpant30.04.2012 Remembrance
Who Is So Dumn As To Make Them25.04.2012 Psychological
A Quiet Place19.04.2012 Remembrance
Alone13.03.2012 Loneliness
Free28.10.2012 Thoughts
My Mexican Dream08.01.2013 Love & Romance
My Wheelchair Thrown07.04.2012 Philosophical
No Eye,s To See With03.04.2012 Philosophical
Sweet Essence Of Home30.03.2012 Lovegrief
Sworn To The Blade01.04.2012 War & Peace
To Every Not Want To Be02.04.2012 Childhood
To Love16.06.2013 Love & Romance

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